ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast

A Conscious Conversation With Artist Josh Stout

October 21, 2021 Conscious Podcasting Lab
ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast
A Conscious Conversation With Artist Josh Stout
Show Notes

Jeff sits down with Josh Stout as he shares deeply about what his art, his process, and the consciousness and presence that he channels through this work means to him at a deeper level.

He also reflects on his journey both as an artist and as a human being.

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Take away the sun, so I may rove the ocean despite light.

Let go the hand, so sightless fog drifts in between reflections of ourselves.

Give me a lifetime to forget the language of my birth,
so only wind screams out my lungs when I'm aflame.

We were born to create.
I will not betray my instinct.

I will dig my voice out from beneath the stone.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, Father of Five talented children. 

Questioning everything in a relentless quest for harmony.

Finding the path. 

Living life everyday, following my natural instincts.

Growing wise.

Experimenting at the boundaries of what the mind can create.

The first time in my life a brush from my hand hits a canvas was an explosion of emotions that I’m still trying to figure out in my own mind as it creates images of a people and a planet.

 Art, my outlet has become my voice. The filtration between the brain and the hand. A direct influence of every experience in my life combined towards a single subject. 

Born an artist. My entire life has lead to being an artist. Creating, exploring and experiencing life and how it affects one’s outlook on the world. Ultimately how all these views are transferred through a medium.

Compositions arranged straight from the most powerful tool on Earth, the mind. Paintings are sculpted at a journeyman's pace by the use of oil and pallet knife. Bronze sculptures crafted exclusively by hand, where a thought can become completely encompassed.