ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast

A Conscious Conversation With Mona Aburmishan

June 14, 2021 Conscious Podcasting Lab
ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast
A Conscious Conversation With Mona Aburmishan
Show Notes


Jeff sits down with comedian Mona Aburmishan as she shares very deeply about her Journey in comedy, about her evolution, and about how she has connected with Source and with higher Consciousness through the performance of her craft.

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Mona is an international comedian based in her hometown of Chicago.
She performs, emcees, and produces comedy shows, competitions and events in major clubs, theaters and universities around the world. In addition to comedy, Mona is a sought-after speaker for her expertise in using stand-up comedy to bring joy and affinity to various socio-political topics in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

Most notably, Mona is America’s first internationally honed stand-up comedian. Similarly, she is the first Arab and Muslim woman to perform stand-up comedy in the nation’s most prestigious institutions: Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC as well as private events for diplomatic agencies.

She has a Master’s in International Development and is fluent in English, German and Arabic and performs in these languages. Living and working around the world, Mona uses her global insight and homegrown Chicago-style urban & sub-urban perspective, that offers a fresh look at shifting frustration into funny.

In addition to regularly performing in the US, Canada, EU, UK and the Middle East, Mona is a sought-after headliner on the African continent. Becoming a regular in the South African market, Mona works regularly with comedians and multi-media personalities throughout South Africa’s major cities: Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. 

As for Northern Africa and Middle East, Mona was a featured guest on the wildly successful “Al Bernameg” with host Dr. Bassem Youssef’s ground-breaking satirical news program (once North Africa’s version of “The Daily Show”); as well as headlined Comedy Central’s Season 2 and 3, Premier “Comedy Central Present: Stand-Up Al Waggif” filmed on location in Dubai, UAE - featured throughout the Middle East and Africa. 

She was the first female to headline this revolutionary series produced by Viacom.

State side, Mona is a regular host and headliner throughout the Midwest, Northeast, South and West Coasts of US. While touring Mona always checks in with Chicago based media was a consistent featured guest on “Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez” Chicago’s #1 late-night radio show WGN 720 Radio as well as a regular feature on Chicago’s #1 daytime talk show, Windy City Live!

Globally, Mona launched Class Clowns® “Comedy & Culture Series” a stand-up comedy, improv, spoken word & writing workshop for CORPORATE AMERICA looking to reinvigorate and pivot their corporate family into a productive 2021. These workshops are dual-development model whereby the same workshop will be offered to a community group, school or charity of the company’s choosing.

She is currently working with the University of Chicago to teach medical students comedy skills to relate better to their patients and overcome racism and income disparities

“Leadership isn’t just the person on stage talking into a microphone, it’s everyone around
that person making sure the microphone is on and the person is seen & heard!”

Mona is also a trained and professional medium and channeler.