ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast

A Conscious Conversation With Elaine Clayton

April 11, 2022 Conscious Podcasting Lab
ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast
A Conscious Conversation With Elaine Clayton
Show Notes

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The Way of The Empath

To learn more about her book that she spoke about on the conversation, Making Marks

About Elaine
I started out in mid 1980s an author and illustrator of books for children and developing drawing workshops for kids, which cultivated a sense of empathy for student peers, and confidence in creative self-expression. These drawing techniques and experiments were done while I worked as artist-in-residence and most notably, when I taught at the progressive independent Paideia School in Atlanta, GA. At that time I worked with my first New York City based art/literary agent, Whit Stillman, who was writing and shooting his first Academy Award nominated film Metropolitan (Last Days of Disco, Barcelona, Damsels in Distress and recently, Love and Friendship).

“After many years of writing and illustrating children’s books, and illustrating for other authors such as Pulitzer Prize winning author Jane Smiley and author of WICKED, Gregory Maguire, April Halprin Wayland and others, I began a new focus. I started creating spiritually themed books on intuitive intelligence, empathic and creative self expression.

I developed a non-threatening and relaxing meditation style of drawing based on all those years of conducting workshops with children, a drawing technique I call stream drawing or intuitive stream drawing (see MAKING MARKS book). I have practiced intuitive stream drawing sessions for clients seeking guidance at my studio in Westport, CT and in NYC at Fitness Results (formerly at 137 5th Avenue in NYC directly behind the iconic Flat Iron Building) for many years, also conducting workshops on this method in person, small and large groups and via internet.”

My name is Elaine Clayton. I am an artist, author and illustrator of books for children and adults, parent, and former teacher and certified Reiki Master and intuitive reader. For years I’ve done Intuitive/Psychic Readings for family, friends, and others who wanted a reading. Over those years, the more art and books and teaching and readings I did, the more I understood that I am entirely devoted to the healing arts. All my art is about reaching points of illumination, and as I’ve evolved, I’ve found that at my core, healing myself and others is my passion.

This website is dedicated to the healing arts, by way of Sketchbook Dream Journal/blog, Reiki, and Intuitive sessions. I invite you to playfully explore and enjoy along with me the signs and messages, the images and mysteries of life that are unveiled to us daily. Through art and dream journaling, we’ll explore inspiration, imagination and spirituality, intuition and mysticism.

I am dedicated to supporting clients in visualizing and creating what you dream of having and learning in this life—we’ll orient ourselves by going inward where our inner knowing and miraculous creative powers are waiting to be discovered and celebrated.